Tournament at Cross Gaming Club

On Saturday 4th of June I went to my local club (Cross gaming club) and took part in a tournament. I had not been able to play malifaux much this year so was great to be able to get some games in.
It was a 3 round, 35ss tournament with a 55s pool. First I had decided to go with Sonnia, who had I used at the last tournament and was the master I was most use to. But a few days before we had to send our lists I decided to give Lucius another go.
I had played with him once before against Seamus and lost pretty badly. But I felt I knew where I had gone wrong. Also with the inclusion of guild hounds as guardsmen I felt he would be a good choice. It was also an excuse to get me to finally paint his box set. I got a game in before the tourney against Kirai I lost but it served the purpose of getting me back into the mindset of Malifaux and lucius.

Here is the 55ss Pool I took. Although I actually used the same 35ss list in all games.
55s pool
Guild Captain
2xGuild Guard
3x Guild Hound
2x Guild Austringer
Drill Sarge
Gov proxy

35ss list
Drill Sarge
2x Guild Guard
3x Guild Hound
2x Austringer

My first game was shared Claim Jump against Hoffman. I had never faced Hoffman before and was looking forward to it. It was a good game which could have gone either way. I had the mistake of ignoring the peacekeeper as it did nothing the first few turns only for it to smash through my lines in the last few killing 2 guild guards and a austringer. Ryle was killed before he could do anything by another Ryle. I used Lucius reinforcements to move him forward but did not count for Hoffman machine puppeting his ryle. The Guardian was a pain keeping Hoffman alive, I just could not ping it to death. Hoffman pulse that does 3 dg was brutal and killed my 3 hounds and Lucius. I was able to get my breakthrough scheme but failed hold out. In the end it was 2-8.

Second Game was shared Contain power against Ramos. This was a crazy game. I took the same list I did in the first game. I took Steal Relic and assassinate. Ramos took Holdout and can’t remember the other one. My first turn I moved everything forward while Ramos made spiders and his forces moved up. My Austringer was able to kill his gunsmith before it could do anything which was great. My hounds moved up to charge Ramos next turn and steal the relic. Ryle shot and killed Joss and everything else moved up. His duet did some damage to lucius and then was one hit by a guardsmen thanks to a red joker. The dogs charged ramos but all 3 failed to steal the relic. Ryle moved to charge next turn. Next turn Ramos spider swarm blow up killing Lucius netting him some VPs. My dogs once again failed to steal the relic or do any damage to Ramos. Ryle killed the totem and then failed to do any damage to Ramos. Ramos then held out next turn then the game was called. It was 0-4 in the end. I only lost Lucius but I just could not kill or steal the damage relic from Ramos. 3 turns and around 8 WP duels and Ramos does not lose a single one. Looking back I relize I killed Ramos’s Totem so should have gotten 1 extra VP but it would have made no difference to the game or tournament result.

Third Game was reconnoitre against Sonnia Cridd. I took the same list once again and for schemes Extermination on the witchlings and Kill Protégé which was Nino. Sonnia had treasure hunt and took Stake a claim and grudge on Ryle. First turn everything moved up. I used reinforcement on an austringer to move it up the field it then took a witchling down to 1 wound. Sonnia killed it bring it back as a new witchling but he did damage Nino in the blast. Second turn Nino shot my hounds killing one and bringing one to 1 wound. My hounds then charged one of his austringers. The Guild Guard killed a Witchling and I brought Ryle up the field with reinforcements. Sonnia turned her totem in to a witchling and did a blast on Ryle doing 3 wounds. Turn three, hounds kill a austringer and one moves to charge the next austringer while one attacks a witchling. My two austringers kill Nino getting my some VPs. Ryle kills another witchling and does some damage to Sonnia. Sonnia and his austringer killed Ryle but as it was not a melee attack got no VPs for the scheme. Turn 4 one of my hounds kills the witchling and dies in the process getting my VPs for extermination. The other hound charges the austringer killing him. My Austringers killed Sonnia and my guardsmen and lucius had already moved to the table quaters . I won 8-0.

I really enjoyed all three of my games and had a great day.
By the end game I really felt I had gotten the hang of Lucius and will be using him in the upcoming league at the club.
I was not able to get everything painted for the tournament, so my plan is to get it done for the league.

Here is a work in progress sort of Ryle and the Lawyer which are now finished but my camera is playing up so have to wait for finished pictures plus pictures of the whole crew.

Ryle and Lawyer work in progress


Test Paint Scheme Friekorps

Well Malifaux has taken a bit of a back set these last few weeks. Been busy finishing up my uni coursework and I was sucked into warmachine and have been painting a 15pt force of Cryx.

I have a Malifaux tournament on the 12th of March at the Clapham wargaming club in London. It looks to be a great day, so in preparation for that I have been getting my Guild force ready.
I am on track I think, I just need to paint my master and her totem. All my minions are painted and just a few need to be based.

Here is a Work in Progress of my Friekorps crew. I am not a fan of all the browns used in the studio scheme and wanted something to stand out. This is actually the scheme I use for my WFB skaven, blue and brass. So I decided to try it out on a friekorps.

The base is very works in progess and I really just wanted to see how all the colours would look together.


In the new few days I will post pictures of my list I am taking to the tourney in March.

Edit: Sorry it seems my photos where not working, hope they are fixed now. As a bonus here is a picture of a Scrap Thrall for my upcoming warmachine army 🙂

Scrap Thrall Cryx

Look What The Postman Brought.

I came downstairs today to find a package waiting for me. It was my order from Wayland !!! Lucius & Friekorps Boxsets as well as a Miska blister.
I have a pretty busy weekend so not going to be able to start on these till Tuesday. While I cant wait to use Lucius I think I am going to take a break from my Guild and paint the Friekorps first. I am going to mount them on the microart bases I got last week, its going to require some pinning but it should be fine.

I have also got a deadline now to get my Guild done by. In March there is going to be a day of Malifaux at the Clapham wargamers club. It is not a tournament as such but more a fun story based day, I think it looks like it could be alot of fun. Its also great to be able to get three games of Malifaux in in a day.

For this event you need a 20ss list and then you expand it to 30ss and 40ss for the next games. You get some extra SS to your Cache if all your lists are painted, so that is my aim.

Right now I quite a few guild painted so I think it should be easy. Just need to have a hard think about what to bring.

Lady Justice and Death Marshals Finished

Saturday morning I got a lovely package from Maelstrom Games. It contained my graveyard base inserts from Wyrd, 30mm Mystic base from Micro art studios and a pack of daydreams for my Dreamer crew.

So after working all day Saturday on an essay I finally managed to get some time to paint on Sunday. This was the first time I had used wyrd base inserts, I had used a few from Iron my Witch hunters are mounted on them, but not wyrd. Unlike the ironhalo ones these were metal not resin and had a little less detail but still good bases.

So I spent a few hours on these bases and finishing the last death Marshal and I am happy. There are a few spots I have seen in the pictures which I need to fix and a bit of chipping but that will be done when I varnished them. I dislike varnish as I scared it will ruin my models so I wait and do a large bunch at a time after testing it on a dud model.
I have finished my 3 death marshal and Lady Justice. Hoping to get to the club in a few weeks to test them out on the gaming table. I need to add some more models to it to make it a proper crew. So next on the painting table the Judge.

Lady Justice and Death Marshals

The last few days I have been working on my second boxset Lady Justice and the Death Marshals. These are still part of the guild faction but instead of spell casters they hunt the undead.
The plan is to finish the boxset (Lady Justice,3 Death Marshals and The Judge) in the next week or so.

First up is a WIP of Lady Justice. I was not a massive fan of this model but the more I painted it the more I liked it. I decided not to go for the official paint scheme and try something different. I have always liked white on models but never had the courage to try and actually paint it properly.
To do the white I undercoated the whole model white, then applied some watered down black wash to the parts I wanted white. This helped me see the shadows and shade the model. I then carried on building up the shading with different GW grays before a final highlight of white.
The only thing I learned while painting this model is that white is not as hard as I thought and I also suck at painting hair. I really had no idea on the hair and just sort of winged it, I think its ok but could be lot better. Well she is still a work in progress so will go back to the hair.

Work in Progress Lady Justice

Next up our the Death Marshals. Now I really enjoyed these models and found they where very fun to paint. So far I have nearly finished 2 out of the three. I was going to have them with white coats to match Lady Justice but while I was shading one of the coats up to white I got some black wash on it.

I quite like the effect as it made the coats black but due to the grey it was already highlighted. So I washed the whole coat and really liked the effect. Also looking at them in a group I think it will help Lady Justice stand out if the rest of the crew is in darker colours.

I also learned something painting these guys and that is I have no idea how to paint wood. Due to playing CSM in 40k having to paint wood has not really come up.
The coffins are quite a large part of these models so I need them to look good.

Death Marshal Death Marshal

I also need to buy or make a lightbox my picture taking skills are poor as is my light. Makes everything look yellow.

I have ordered the Wyrd graveyard base insets for these guys from Maelstrom. So hopefully they will be here by the weekend and I can finish and bases these guys.

Hello world!

Hello everybody.

I have created this blog as part of my scheme to get me more motived in the New Year.

With this blog I will be posting pictures of my Malifaux models as well as info on the game such as battle reports and painting.

My aim is to try to post new pictures of my models twice a month, which I think is an easy enough guideline to follow.

So some of you may be saying what is Malifaux ?

Malifaux is a 28mm wargame set in the world of Malifaux. The game does not use dice like many wargames but instead uses a pack of cards called the fate deck. Instead of rolling dice you flip a card to create the random number, there are many ways to change the flip of card which is called cheating fate.

The game is very much based on objections, you can win a game without killing an enemy model if you wanted to.

Now you can’t have a first post with out a picture.

So here is my first finished Crew Sonnia Criid’s WitchHunters. This is a crew for the Guild faction which run Malifaux, Sonnia aim is to find any nonguild magic uses and imprison them.

Sonnia Criid's Witch Hunters