Hello world!

Hello everybody.

I have created this blog as part of my scheme to get me more motived in the New Year.

With this blog I will be posting pictures of my Malifaux models as well as info on the game such as battle reports and painting.

My aim is to try to post new pictures of my models twice a month, which I think is an easy enough guideline to follow.

So some of you may be saying what is Malifaux ?

Malifaux is a 28mm wargame set in the world of Malifaux. The game does not use dice like many wargames but instead uses a pack of cards called the fate deck. Instead of rolling dice you flip a card to create the random number, there are many ways to change the flip of card which is called cheating fate.

The game is very much based on objections, you can win a game without killing an enemy model if you wanted to.

Now you can’t have a first post with out a picture.

So here is my first finished Crew Sonnia Criid’s WitchHunters. This is a crew for the Guild faction which run Malifaux, Sonnia aim is to find any nonguild magic uses and imprison them.

Sonnia Criid's Witch Hunters


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