Lady Justice and Death Marshals

The last few days I have been working on my second boxset Lady Justice and the Death Marshals. These are still part of the guild faction but instead of spell casters they hunt the undead.
The plan is to finish the boxset (Lady Justice,3 Death Marshals and The Judge) in the next week or so.

First up is a WIP of Lady Justice. I was not a massive fan of this model but the more I painted it the more I liked it. I decided not to go for the official paint scheme and try something different. I have always liked white on models but never had the courage to try and actually paint it properly.
To do the white I undercoated the whole model white, then applied some watered down black wash to the parts I wanted white. This helped me see the shadows and shade the model. I then carried on building up the shading with different GW grays before a final highlight of white.
The only thing I learned while painting this model is that white is not as hard as I thought and I also suck at painting hair. I really had no idea on the hair and just sort of winged it, I think its ok but could be lot better. Well she is still a work in progress so will go back to the hair.

Work in Progress Lady Justice

Next up our the Death Marshals. Now I really enjoyed these models and found they where very fun to paint. So far I have nearly finished 2 out of the three. I was going to have them with white coats to match Lady Justice but while I was shading one of the coats up to white I got some black wash on it.

I quite like the effect as it made the coats black but due to the grey it was already highlighted. So I washed the whole coat and really liked the effect. Also looking at them in a group I think it will help Lady Justice stand out if the rest of the crew is in darker colours.

I also learned something painting these guys and that is I have no idea how to paint wood. Due to playing CSM in 40k having to paint wood has not really come up.
The coffins are quite a large part of these models so I need them to look good.

Death Marshal Death Marshal

I also need to buy or make a lightbox my picture taking skills are poor as is my light. Makes everything look yellow.

I have ordered the Wyrd graveyard base insets for these guys from Maelstrom. So hopefully they will be here by the weekend and I can finish and bases these guys.


2 responses to “Lady Justice and Death Marshals

  • Rkik

    Very nice looking.

    I’ve seen a few white Lady J’s and I have to say it is a very striking look. I really like the red interior for your Death Marshal’s coats. I never really thought of doing the inside a different color like that.

    The coffins look great too. The way I did mine was a basecoat of Bleached Bone and then a Gryphone Sepia wash. It made them a bit lighter, more pine looking wood.

    Keep it up, and I can’t wait to see them based.

  • Rkik

    Oh, and as far as the pictures go, check you camera settings. I know my pictures were coming out very yellow, but then I was able to find a setting to change what the light source is. I changed that to Flourescent on the camera and my pictures came out with much truer colors.

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