Lady Justice and Death Marshals Finished

Saturday morning I got a lovely package from Maelstrom Games. It contained my graveyard base inserts from Wyrd, 30mm Mystic base from Micro art studios and a pack of daydreams for my Dreamer crew.

So after working all day Saturday on an essay I finally managed to get some time to paint on Sunday. This was the first time I had used wyrd base inserts, I had used a few from Iron my Witch hunters are mounted on them, but not wyrd. Unlike the ironhalo ones these were metal not resin and had a little less detail but still good bases.

So I spent a few hours on these bases and finishing the last death Marshal and I am happy. There are a few spots I have seen in the pictures which I need to fix and a bit of chipping but that will be done when I varnished them. I dislike varnish as I scared it will ruin my models so I wait and do a large bunch at a time after testing it on a dud model.
I have finished my 3 death marshal and Lady Justice. Hoping to get to the club in a few weeks to test them out on the gaming table. I need to add some more models to it to make it a proper crew. So next on the painting table the Judge.


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