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Test Paint Scheme Friekorps

Well Malifaux has taken a bit of a back set these last few weeks. Been busy finishing up my uni coursework and I was sucked into warmachine and have been painting a 15pt force of Cryx.

I have a Malifaux tournament on the 12th of March at the Clapham wargaming club in London. It looks to be a great day, so in preparation for that I have been getting my Guild force ready.
I am on track I think, I just need to paint my master and her totem. All my minions are painted and just a few need to be based.

Here is a Work in Progress of my Friekorps crew. I am not a fan of all the browns used in the studio scheme and wanted something to stand out. This is actually the scheme I use for my WFB skaven, blue and brass. So I decided to try it out on a friekorps.

The base is very works in progess and I really just wanted to see how all the colours would look together.


In the new few days I will post pictures of my list I am taking to the tourney in March.

Edit: Sorry it seems my photos where not working, hope they are fixed now. As a bonus here is a picture of a Scrap Thrall for my upcoming warmachine army 🙂

Scrap Thrall Cryx