Hmm time to include some info about me. Well I have been playing wargames since around 1997, I did how every take a large break of a number of years. Which seems to be pretty normal in this hobby. I picked the hobby up again in my first year of uni.
At the time I still only really knew about 40k, so I started a CSM army. After a year of just building them and painting them I finally found somewhere to play, The Cross Gaming Club. The CGC is a great club with great people, everybody was very friendly. Well after I while my eye was drawn to the other games played in the club.
That was when I found Malifaux and since then I have not touched my 40k and have infact sold off most of it. I could not go back to the simple gameplay after Malifaux.
In the last few weeks I have started to be drawn to Warmachine and I have started a small Cryx force, but Malifaux will be my one and only love.

Although so far with my win ratio being 0W 1D 7L I think it could be a bit of a one sided relationship 🙂

With this blog, I want to update my progress in getting all my models painted as well as post up a number of battle reports and tips and tactics.


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