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Test Paint Scheme Friekorps

Well Malifaux has taken a bit of a back set these last few weeks. Been busy finishing up my uni coursework and I was sucked into warmachine and have been painting a 15pt force of Cryx.

I have a Malifaux tournament on the 12th of March at the Clapham wargaming club in London. It looks to be a great day, so in preparation for that I have been getting my Guild force ready.
I am on track I think, I just need to paint my master and her totem. All my minions are painted and just a few need to be based.

Here is a Work in Progress of my Friekorps crew. I am not a fan of all the browns used in the studio scheme and wanted something to stand out. This is actually the scheme I use for my WFB skaven, blue and brass. So I decided to try it out on a friekorps.

The base is very works in progess and I really just wanted to see how all the colours would look together.


In the new few days I will post pictures of my list I am taking to the tourney in March.

Edit: Sorry it seems my photos where not working, hope they are fixed now. As a bonus here is a picture of a Scrap Thrall for my upcoming warmachine army 🙂

Scrap Thrall Cryx


Look What The Postman Brought.

I came downstairs today to find a package waiting for me. It was my order from Wayland !!! Lucius & Friekorps Boxsets as well as a Miska blister.
I have a pretty busy weekend so not going to be able to start on these till Tuesday. While I cant wait to use Lucius I think I am going to take a break from my Guild and paint the Friekorps first. I am going to mount them on the microart bases I got last week, its going to require some pinning but it should be fine.

I have also got a deadline now to get my Guild done by. In March there is going to be a day of Malifaux at the Clapham wargamers club. It is not a tournament as such but more a fun story based day, I think it looks like it could be alot of fun. Its also great to be able to get three games of Malifaux in in a day.

For this event you need a 20ss list and then you expand it to 30ss and 40ss for the next games. You get some extra SS to your Cache if all your lists are painted, so that is my aim.

Right now I quite a few guild painted so I think it should be easy. Just need to have a hard think about what to bring.